Our labor of love film is being offered as a gift in the hope that it becomes a quiet vehicle for healing and transformation.  

Whether it is Steve Karlin who has committed his life to care for injured wild animals; John Malloy who has spent more than five decades taking care of vulnerable children; the animals who gave humans a second chance and became teachers; the children and families who were brave enough to be vulnerable on the screen to benefit others; the anonymous donors; and the filmmakers who devoted four years in service of this effort — the film has been paid for in both effort and dollars and is really not “free."

Here are some ways to support the organizations and individuals involved in the film:

Wildlife Associates

Although Wildlife Associates has served the community for over thirty years through their various programs, every year continues to be a struggle to stay alive. Their staff graciously takes on additional workload and never lets the budget affect the high level of animal care.  Your support will go towards medical care and diet for the animals and their various youth programs.  SUPPORT

Steve Karlin

Wildlife Associates is a result of a lifelong commitment and sacrifice by its founder, Steve Karlin. For over a decade Steve has been suffering from Parkinson’s and is now exploring some new treatment options (there is some hope that his condition is via that will help him heal and allow him to teach again and capture his life learnings in writing. Support

John Malloy

For over five decades, John Malloy has healed and transformed vulnerable youth in the Bay Area. He has anchored a free intergenerational grief circle for the last forty years and has worked for decades supporting the Native American community by leading the 500 Mile Spirit Run. Support


This worldwide, volunteer-run incubator of generosity driven projects connected the filmmakers to Wildlife Associates and have supported the film’s journey in many quiet ways. Their projects range from a daily positive news service, to an acts-of-kindness portal, to a gift-economy restaurant. Regardless of the endeavor, they act in concert to create service opportunities for each other and to support each other's service journeys. Support 

Filmmakers (ImageSeers Productions)

The filmmakers hope to continue creating similar labor-of-love films. If  you feel moved to support the efforts of the filmmakers, your contribution will go towards ongoing expenses in offering TeachMeToBeWILD as a gift (streaming, website, educational toolkits, screenings, DVD, etc.) and new labor-of-love projects. Support