A Universal Healing Story

Teach Me To Be WILD is a universal healing story that brings together many interconnected elements:  children, animals, nature, ancient wisdom, and the power of silence and safe, non-judgmental listening spaces.

Our initial screenings have found resonant audiences in middle school, high school and university students, parents, educators, university professors, spiritual leaders, medical doctors, at-risk-teen organizations, justice-involved-youth advisors, wildlife caregivers/educators and healers.

The film, it’s thematic content and pace, creates a safe space, allowing for reflections and lends itself to community screenings followed by a circle of sharing, discussion and journaling.

Offered as a Gift

The film is being offered as a gift and there is no licensing fee.

Screening Kit

The Screening Kit will include streaming access and a digital file of the film, screening guide, discussion guide, and promotional images and poster of the film.

Note: The screening kit is currently in development

On occasion, the filmmakers and featured interviewees may participate in a screening and Q&A afterwards

Grade Levels: 

Middle School, High School, Higher Education, Continuing Studies


English  //  Subtitles:  English, Mandarin, Spanish

Running Time.  59 mins

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Depending on availability and location, Anne and Rajesh will consider attending your screening for a circle of reflection and sharing/Q&A. Please indicate your interest below.