Awakin Call with Filmmakers "When Animals Are Our Healers" 

In this global Awakin Call the filmmakers share their journey in making the film and their personal transformation stories.  Listen & Read Here

Holding Healing Circles

In this DailyGood article the filmmakers talk about how the film became the fire to anchor Healing Circles. Read Here

steve karlin & Susie Bear

 One of the most important animal companions in Steve Karlin's (founder of Wildlife Associates) life was Susie Bear, a 330-pound American black bear. He says simply that Susie Bear was his most powerful teacher and a beloved friend. Read Here

Awakin Call with Steve Karlin "When Animals Are Our Teachers"

In this Global Awakin Call Steve Karlin talks about his methodology where the animals and their stories are used to teach children and adults not just about the biology of life but also about empathy, caring and the profound interconnections that link all of us together.  Listen & Read Here

"The Wisdom of Animals" Phil Borges speaks with Steve Karlin

Acclaimed social documentary photographer and filmmaker, Phil Borges joined the filmmakers during one of their filming sessions and interviewed Steve Karlin in this featured article of PARABOLA magazine. Read Here

"We are All In this Together" A conversation with John Malloy

John Malloy shares his life journey including his work over the last five decades with vulnerable communities in the Bay Area and his life mission of preserving and fostering the Native American Heritage.  Read Here

“The Wisdom of Circles” In Conversation with John Malloy 

In this intimate conversation with ServiceSpace anchors, John Malloy dives into the wisdom of circles, the role of anchors and facilitators, the nature of human groups, and different types of leadership. Read Here