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After viewing the film, one of the most asked questions is, “How can we get involved? How can we help?”  Here are some ways...

Share Your Reflections

What inspired you about this film? What struck you immediately after viewing the film? What surprised you? What messages stood out? If inspired to share your experience we'd love to share your thoughts in our upcoming blog. We are happy to keep your reflections private or anonymous — just let us know.  Scroll to the form at the bottom

Share the Film

Spread the word about the film and how it touched you.  Email // Facebook // Twitter // WhatsApp

Host a Screening

We are delighted to make the film available for screenings followed by circles of sharing and reflection, whether big or small, in your community!  Learn more


How are you inspired to pay it forward? Your gift can take many forms in the spirit of generosity. What small act can you do with great love to keep this chain of generosity alive?  If it is in the flow, please share your act of generosity with us.  Learn more

What inspired you about this video? What did the film surface for you? What messages stood out?

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